How to update firmware on a Cobra DVR


  1. Download the correct .bin file from for your model 
  2. Save it on to a USB memory stick. Do not put it in a folder.
  3. Insert the USB stick into the front port of the DVR
  4. Right click the mouse to bring up the menu
  5. Go into Setup and then System
  6. Click Upgrade ‘Firmware’ button
  7. Click on the filename, then on Yes to confirm.


By Network

  1. Download the correct .bin file from
  2. Open Internet Explorer and enter the IP address of the DVR
  3. Click DVR Web Service, login with the admin account and password
  4. Click on Setup, then System, then System below that.
  5. Click Upgrade ‘Firmware’ button
  6. Click browse, select the .bin file you have downloaded.


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