After installing the Surveillance Client plugin for Safari, I am still prompted to install when I connect to my DVR. Why is this?


Answer: This happens becuase the installation fails to complete correctly while Safari is still running. Even if you have closed the window, it can still be running in the background, You can tell if this is happening if there is a light below the Safari icon in the OSX dock.To correct this, follow the steps below – Conenct to the DVR address – Click the Download Link to download the plugin
Do not attempt to install before completely quitting Safari
- Quit Safari by pressing Command+Q on your OSX keyboard or selecting from the Safari menu
- Open your downloads folder/stack – Open SurveillanceClient.dmg
- Open the SurveilanceClient Installer
- Follow the prompts to install
Once Complete open Safari again and connect to the DVR address. You will now see the logon prompt. 


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