How to check if PowerDDNS is working externally

Make sure that the firmware on the DVR is as up to date as possible.

  1. Confirm that you cannot connect to [hostname] address from outside of the network (not on the local WIFI etc)
  2. Use command prompt on your PC/Laptop to ping the PowerDDNS address. For example, type ping and then press enter. This will come back with an IP address.
  3. Ask the customer to use a tool such as YouGetSignal to find their external IP address.
  4. Compare the IP address from the command prompt with the one your customer gets from the website.
  5. If the IP address you get from the command prompt is different from the one the customer has, PowerDDNS has not updated. Ask the customer to reboot the DVR.
  6. If the IP address is the same there may be an issue with the port forwarding. Try and reboot the router as well as the DVR. If that doesn’t work use YouGetSignal to check if the ports are open


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