Backing up to a memory stick on an Odyssey DVR


  1. Plug the USB stick into the front or back of the Odyssey DVR
  2. Select “search” from the menu options
  3. Click on the second tab, the one that says “Event Search”
  4. Next to the label that says “Search date” Enter the date you wish to search.
  5. Just below enter the time you wish to search
  6. Click the Search button
  7. A Number of files will appear in the box
  8. Select the file you want to backup by putting a tick into the box or boxes.
  9. Press the button “Backup”
  10. Select the format you want the backup to be in (H.264 or AVI).
  11. Press “apply”
  12. The unit will start backing up to the USB stick. Do not remove the USB stick will backing up
  13. Once finished the program will say “Backup complete”
  14. Press Exit and then Exit again
  15. Take the USB stick out


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