How to backup from a Cobra

  1. Connect the USB Drive to the USB port on the front of the DVR
  2. Press the menu button on DVR (Right click if using a mouse)
  3. Select Backup, then Backup from the drop down menu
  4. Input username and password
  5. Select Device: Device 1
  6. File format select AVI/RMS
  7. Select start and end date/time you require (Double click on time and date to amend)
  8. Select cameras you wish to back up from
  9. Press start for backup to start. Once complete, press OK.

To play back the recordings:

  • AVI format: double click the individual file to open in Media Player. If they do not play on your PC, we recommend as a better player.
  • RMS format: open BackupPlayer then press the Open Folder button to select the backup folder


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