Adding IP cameras to a Uniview XVR

Download this guide in PDF format


  1. Connect Switch to router via an Uplink port
  2. Connect XVR and IP Cameras to switch
  3. On the XVR, go to Menu > Camera > Camera tab
  4. To add a camera in addition to the coax channels e.g. D5, click the green + icon



  1. To add a camera in place of a co-ax channel e.g swap A4 for D4
    • Click the Camera Type tab
    • Change the Camera ID from Analog to Digital, click Apply
    • Change_Type.png
    • Allow the recorder to reboot, then go back to Camera > Camera tab
    • Add a camera as in step 4



  1. IMPORTANT To ensure the cameras have a static IP, click the Config icon, then change the last segment of the IP address. It’s recommended to use a number high up in the range, to avoid conflict with other network devices e.g.





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